Meet the team

Dreams do matter!

John Sowman

John has been a viticulturist for over 25 years, and over the years has worked  on several vineyard sites around the district .

In his mind, the first step of producing great wine is finding a great site for the vines, followed by  growing good  the best quality grapes the sites has to offer.

As a local, he has profound knowledge of  the vineyards and wines of Marlborough. He also operates a viticultural contracting company which takes him allover the Province.

John is an open-mind and well-travelled viticulturist, who knows just about every piece  of land around Marlborough wine region and to create his own wine brand he thought could only ever be a dream.

“I love that Marlborough offers so many opportunities to grow high quality grapes.”

“In Marlborough I fell in love with wine and wine become my dream and my lifelong study project .”

Adora (self-appointed English name) has been a TV Journalist in Anhui Province TV Station (located in the east of China) for 8 years.

From China Adora travelled to  Hong Kong to pursue a Master’s degree in Journalism.

In 2012, she came to New Zealand and studied Viticulture and Winemaking at NMIT, including carrying out two vintages and working part-time in a vineyard for 2 years.

Aside from that, Adora has also published a book titled  Meeting winemakers in Chinese, where she told the stories of 36 wineries throughout Marlborough region.

To bring New Zealand wine to China and worldwide is Adora’s life long  passion, and she feels she is now” living the dream”.

Shixiang Wu

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